Qingdao AJ Steel Co., Ltd.

Qingdao AJ Steel Co., Ltd, established on June, 1980s, with first phase investment of USD 8 million dollars, is a group company specialized in production and machining of stainless steel material. The second phase project was completed on May, 2009, reaching an annual capacity of 100 thousand tons of different grades of stainless steel, mainly in 400 series. And the capacity has been doubled after completion the whole all-new annealing lines on August, 2016.

Under background of the new raised market of construction carbon steel material, the company started planning and programming on Galvanization, with formal construction beginning on DEC, 2013, and finished late in 2014, with annual production capacity of 270 thousand tons of GI, GL, PPGI and PPGL materials under help of two sets of galvanization line and two sets of painting line.

Under influence of high efficiency in production and adopting of SQAP management system, the company has become one of the biggest factory of 400 series stainless steel materials all over the country, and a main production center of stainless steel and GI, GL, PPGI, PPGL materials in the market.
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