Tangshan Grand Faith Steel Co., Ltd.

As one of the largest exporters of steel profiles in China, Tangshan Grand Faith Steel Co., Ltd. is a pioneer enterprise in producing ASTM, EN and JIS standard steel Angles, Channels and I-Beams, handling more than 600, 000 Metric tons per year, Our company was established in year 2000, and our core competitiveness comes from the following advantages,

First, we have the fullest series of products with all the sizes. As a pioneer enterprise, we have our own factory, with four advanced hot rolling production lines for steel profiles. To meet the requirements of our clients, we have made investment over 3 million US Dollars to develop all series of ASTM, EN and JIS standard steel profiles. No company in China can supply such fullest range of amazing products as our company does.

Second, we have strong production capability. With our investment, we are also shareholders and partners to the top 15 rolling mills in Tangshan and North China, and we have the sole distribution franchise to products which we jointly developed. Our perfect performance on financial standing was highly recognized by all the business partners in the past years. Within last decade, Tangshan has become the leading steel production base in China with its abundant iron ore, coke and power supply, and our company takes the leads in structural steel industry.

Third, we pursue superior quality product and excellent service. The clients´ Full satisfaction is always our top priority. We have strict quality control system, and we have 25 technicians with professional experience at our Quality Control Division, and they will take care of the products from the beginning of the order until the goods arrive to the overseas end users. Our Quality Control System and our faithful operation are supporting us all the way to cooperate with customers all around the world.

Fourth, we will keep the leading edge with our R&D & technology strength. According to the requirements of international market, we will make much more investment in the R&D of new products to adjust our product structure and to complete more series of steel profiles. In July 2007, our standard IPE (EN standard I beam) will come into production, and its advanced production line will represent the highest level technology in China´ S hot rolling steel industry.

To make a summary, we can say that: If you are looking for steel profiles, you should check with Tangshan, as it is the leading production base in China; If you come to Tangshan, we hope you can visit our Grand Faith Steel, as we are the most competitive enterprise in China.

We are looking forward to the business cooperation with you, please feel free to contact us for more details.
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